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An increasingly common attribute of modern manufacturing is the full automation of manufacturing activities and material flows. Automation systems are becoming more flexible and intelligent, adapting their behavior automatically to maximize output or minimize cost per unit. Today's most advanced automation systems have additional capabilities that enabling their use in environments that have not been suitable for automation up to now and allowing the capture of entirely new sources of value in manufacturing.

The main customer for industrial robots - the automotive industry - is changing and diminishing. There is a worldwide trend towards automation in the non-automotive industry. We as suppliers of advanced robots offer increasingly tailored solutions to our customers. The metal industry, the electronics industry, the food and beverage industry, the glass industry, the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, and the photovoltaic industries to name a few.

Industrial robots are becoming smarter and more technological. Where early robots blindly followed the same path, and later iterations used lasers or vision systems to detect the orientation of parts and materials, the latest generations of robots can integrate information from multiple sensors and adapt their movements in real time. This allows them, for example, to use force feedback to mimic the skill of a craftsman in grinding, deburring, or polishing applications. They can also make use of more powerful computer technology and big data-style analysis. For instance, they can use spectral analysis to check the quality of a weld as it is being made, dramatically reducing the amount of postmanufacture inspection required.

Advances in artificial intelligence and sensor technologies will allow robots to cope with a far greater degree of task-to-task variability. The ability to adapt their actions in response to changes in their environment creates opportunities for automation in areas such as the processing of agricultural products, where there is significant part-to-part variability.

Advances in computing power, software-development techniques, and networking technologies have made assembling, installing, and maintaining robots faster and less costly than before. For example, while sensors and actuators once had to be individually connected to robot controllers with dedicated wiring through terminal racks, connectors, and junction boxes, they now use plug-and-play technologies in which components can be connected using simpler network wiring. The components will identify themselves automatically to the control system, greatly reducing setup time. These sensors and actuators can also monitor themselves and report their status to the control system, to aid process control and collect data for maintenance, and for continuous improvement and troubleshooting purposes.
Industrial robotics have become an indispensable part of manufacturing due to their persistent accuracy. We are actively engaged in the industries and markets we serve, continually monitoring trends and technology to gain insights, identify opportunities, and provide relevant expertise and leadership to benefit our customers and partners.

Our clients can expect a high level of expertise, efficiency from the industrial robotics as they have attained a high value preference in the field of industrial automation.

We strive to improve our products, processes, and perspective in order to deliver the best possible solutions today, while developing the visionary breakthroughs of tomorrow. In addition to offering our own industrial robots, we have the ability to supply, install, and configure industrial robots from other well-known manufacturers.

Our company is rapidly growing, however our commitment and dedication towards exhibiting high skills in project delivery is constantly renewed to position the company adequately for effective service and project delivery within cost and stipulated time, as well as meeting the client's request to have value for money and / or return of investment.

Innovative automation solution

We regularly expand our product range, constantly developing new innovative models in accordance with the requirements of the market and our clients.

We are industrial robots company

Mainrobots Limited is a specialist factory automation company and aims to become one of the largest industrial robot manufacturer in the world, in terms of the number of robot arms installed in factories.

An industrial robot is an automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable in three or more axes, which may be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications.

Reliability for your productivity

Like most large robot companies, Mainrobots Limited also now offers information technology services, which collectively represent the key competitive differentiator for big industrial companies going forward.

Investing in infrastructure

The combination of reliable and intelligent robots, process expertise, regional offices for support service, and a network of system integrators provide manufacturers the tools they need to reduce costs, improve quality and maximize productivity.

Ease of integration

Advances in computing power, software development techniques, and networking technologies make assembling, installing, and maintaining robots faster and less costly than before.

When you have a need, we have the solution

As industrial automation continues to grow, we help our customers maintain their competitive edge with affordable pricing, prompt service and reliable products. Now robots are a key investment moving forward, most of the world's leading companies are already using robotics in their activities and over 70% planning to install more robots in the near future.
We have industrial robot arms across all categories
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Our Team

Lewis Turnbull
Lewis is the initiator of Mainrobots Limited. His passion and research in industrial automation and AI technologies gave him a strong background in understanding the market dynamics. Lewis has participated in numerous projects in the robotic and financial sectors for European and Asian companies.
Mike Lule
Mike is a technology adoption strategist with a passion for financial services. Highly qualified professional with many years of experience in the relevant industries is able to quickly and efficiently perform any assigned tasks. Mike has successfully worked with multinational finance and insurance companies for many years.
Elizabeth Hardin
Elizabeth has a unique blend of technological, business, and management skills with an irrepressible drive to learn new robotics and industrial automation technologies. She brings her passion, dedication, and a gentle approach to her work with Mainrobots Limited.
Jake Lehman
Jake has extensive technical expertise in the design and implementation of industrial automation and related software for major electronics manufacturers. He uses these experience and skills to keep developing and improving robotics at Mainrobots Company.
Chris Terell
Chris is an experienced technical project manager with the high level of programming skills in various languages. Extensive experience in developing, maintaining, and supporting applications and computer/network operating system and robotic software.
Megan Demers
Megan has a strong knowledge of digital marketing and specializes in promoting financial and IT companies. She had several internships in the Germany, United States, China, and Japan. Megan works with established companies to increase their visibility online.

Experience a reliable schedule of all financial obligations from Mainrobots Company

Mainrobots demonstrates a passion for automation by developing specialized solutions to help customers increase efficiency, improve quality, boost productivity, and deliver outstanding ROI. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions and to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in the automation industry, to help our customers and partners be globally competitive.

Mainrobots strives to further expand the range of services and increase the number of offices around the world due to high customer service standards and impeccable business reputation. We create the most comfortable environment in accordance with the needs of our customers by applying the most effective and modern solutions to the tasks.

Today you can invest in industrial automation and stimulate even more comprehensive market coverage and go along with us into the lead at the global level. We have the best investment conditions in the industry suitable for all our customers.

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We are dedicated to providing our customers with outstanding service and investment plans that are second to none. We are completely transparent to our current and future customers, so we update and demonstrate the results of our investment activity in real time.
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